Thursday, August 7, 2014

Identity and a Gavin Degraw Concert

It's like Walt Disney said.. Dreams really do come true.

If you asked me over the past five to ten years, "Erin, who would you want to see perform live in concert?" Without skipping a pure beat, I'd quickly and confidently say "Aerosmith and Gavin Degraw." Well, the Aerosmith was a far shot in the dark until about 5 years ago, I had in my possession a lawn ticket (for $10 no less) to the Aerosmith concert. However, Steven Tyler broke his leg falling off a stage somewhere and aforementioned concert was canceled. Um, yeah.. I'm still not over that. BUT Gavin Degraw rolled into Raleigh, so Disney was right. Confession: I don't really know if Disney said that, but it sounds good. As a solid One Tree Hill fan.. solid.. Gavin Degraw was in my sights and Groupon was offering the ticket, so I snatched it right on up. I've always loved Gavin Degraw's voice and just think it's unique; therefore, it would most definitely probably be good live. You know I'm right. And I was. But how I got ahold of those tickets and Mr. Degraw's voice is not the purpose of today's post.

Tuesday's concert was good. I enjoyed the new concert venue. We had an awesome parking spot. We even got upgraded seats. And of course, Gavin Degraw singing "Soldier" was enough for me. But from where I was sitting, I was able to do a lot of people watching (my specialty) and was so aware of man's desire to portray themselves as something they aren't. That portrayal is a searching for something more that ultimately isn't satisfaction because our only satisfaction is in Christ.

Two specific examples stand out to me. There were two teenaged girls, who could not have been but a little over 15, seated in front of us with their mom. Read: their driver. Both were dressed in true 90's fashion with their way too short "mom" cut off jean shorts and crop tops. Converse high top sneakers completed their look. As I watched them uncomfortably tug at their shorts to pull them down a bit and cover their exposed stomachs with their embarrassed arms, I was reminded of my days in high school. I was reminded of the days when I worked so hard to fit the trends and look like everyone else. Working hard to go to Goodys and pull off a look that would be featured in a Gap ad or display window. I was reminded of the bucket hat trend and how I wore mine to school one day thinking it'd be pretty cool, when I really felt not-so-much. Umm.. there were lots of things we all did to fit in, to be liked, to look like everyone else. We were seeking the approval of others and attempting to portray ourselves in a certain light just as these teenaged girls were doing Tuesday. And another example: I scanned the audience for a minute while the concert lights were beaming bright and found three girls posed for a picture. Their backs were to the camera, and they had perfectly placed their hands on each other's backs for that perfect Instagram picture. I realize I could really be assuming alot. But you had to be there.

My point is this. We work so hard to portray ourselves in a light apart from the light of Christ. We want to appear as having it all together, the best dressed, the best social life. There are many who continuously take selfies and post them on every social media outlet there is.. but to what end? Their end is to the "likes" and approvals of others. Let's evaluate ourselves according to this: "For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ." Galatians 1:10. That's a good one.

Toss aside those bucket hats. Toss aside the crop top that everyone else is wearing. Toss aside the
perfectly posed Instagram picture. And seek your approval in the Lord.. Seek your identity in Him, because in Him we stand complete. (Colossians 2:10)

PS- I added this picture, so that you could notice the awesome photo bomber. Discovered 24 hrs later.

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