Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bears and Bees

I have been quite the busy bee today over in this little corner of the world.. annnnd a hungry bear.. Somehow, I don't think the two go together. At all. And onward we march!

Because that was completely random, and I like to be random... this post is going to be .. you guessed it, random.

It is a proven fact that at any given moment when Sugarland comes on the radio, I will be just as quick to turn the volume down. Not even wanting a hum out of them.  This happened as such yesterday, and I realized. Yep, I don't like Sugarland.

The snack bin at the office is quite depleted. Sad times ahead for the hungry bear. The graham crackers are holding it down.

Now, when you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go. But that doesn't mean I still don't hate a public bathroom. I am not sure why.. but those one stall deals where people bang on the door or turn the LOCKED door knob 10,000 times - Well, I just don't like it.

I maaaayyy have already checked to see when the State Fair was rolling into Raleigh. Now that I've made that fried pecan pie discovery two years ago, the State Fair and I have come to appreciate one another. Granted, it took a while.. one super hot day, one night of being abandoned, one night of being told where to eat.. yeah.. it took a while.

I also started my "Christmas Present money" envelope today. Um, yes I do realize it's a whole five months away. However, I'd prefer it not turn into "Let's Deplete Erin's Checking Account to the 0 in December" kind of deal. Plan ahead folks! Plan. Ahead.

With all this talk of Fall and Winter, don't be fooled.. I'm appreciating this warm weather for everything it's worth!

And finally, I have officially signed up for Serve Denver.. which means I'm going to Denver.. which means I'm going to see Lauren very soon!  This is the very last time I saw her:
A few comments about this:
A) We are still not sure how or why Shonica just showed up to help pack in her swimsuit and coverup.
B) I am thankful the length of my shorts have decreased over time.
C) Scenarios. Always. (Picture to the right.) But we were loving it.
See you soon sweet friend!


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