Monday, June 16, 2014

Something and Nothing

Something!! This is the picture that greeted me when I logged into the IG super quick this AM. I nearly forgot today was the day. Until, of course, I saw my last text from Candie-lou and there it was June 16th. I squealed. My favorite Roses are on their way back to the States including sweet Eliana. Candie definitely was the first friend I made in seminary. And kind of like kindergarten, those are the ones you hold on to. I mean, who else is going to come watch the Royal Wedding with you at 4:30 AM, play disc golf and card games until 1 AM, tour Christmas homes, and teach you about a quesadilla? It's Candie! ... That's something to write about folks!
Photo: In Hong Kong airport waiting for our long flight back to Mercia. #elianaisfamouseverywherewego #beautifulmountainview #lifeasanmkisneverdull
A wedding and a birthday all in one. 

Nothing [of importance] most nearly describes the weekend - And I, yes I, was a-okay with that! I mean I quite literally went to my shelf, picked out a movie, and watched that joker all by myself. I also took a nap yesterday. Who? Am? I? I don't even know. Someone.. ahem.. is slowing me down. But I'm a-okay with that one too. 

 Aforementioned someone had a bday and I got just a tad creative!
New running shoes made to climb mountains.. not really.
Still celebrating the daddy. And the Father's Day phone date we had.

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