Thursday, May 29, 2014

To My Mama

To my mama:

I am in tears as I write this - simply because I don't know where to begin. I will begin with Thank you.
I know you don't always see it this way, but the role of a teacher directly channels into the next generation and how they will be shaped for the future. Parents play a major part, yes. But teachers have the noble task of teaching and guiding and molding young minds. Did you fuss? Yes. Did you get headaches? All the time. Did you want to quit? Every week. Yet, you kept on doing it. You would say for the pay check. I would say because you enjoyed doing it. And more importantly, I'd say you wanted some of those kids to succeed and move beyond their pitiful home circumstances. You enjoyed teaching Social Studies and Math - oh, those placement charts! There were a'many of summer days spent organizing the book area or coloring something or bulletin boards, but our faithful reward was the Burger King and pool! But we did it, maybe not so much Jordy.

In a rough estimation you have had a direct impact on well over 1000 students by teaching them in the classroom.  Not to mention the hundreds of other students and teachers along the way. Wow! It's crazy for me to fathom the impact you have had. But for that, I am proud. I am proud that you are my mother. I am proud you are a woman who loves Jesus. I am proud of your selfless dedication to the lives of others- particularly in this capacity. Mostly I am proud of what you have taught me .. how you've taught me.. and all the summers where you taught me in between the school year. Too many construction paper books to count! 

Thank you mama for being a teacher and showing me what it means to directly impact the lives of others. You are treasure.. I don't say that enough. Thank you.

And forever the question may be "Mrs. Gandy is 'dat yo daughter?" To which, I'll just smile. 

Happy Retirement! - 2 weeks!
Love you Reese cup.

Retirement Celebration in Savannah
This troublesome 3 .. Now retirement buddies.

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