Friday, May 30, 2014

Crazy Busy

Happy Friday! The weekend is heeerrreeee! And no. That heerrrrrreeee is not pronounced like Nelly's Hot in Herre. Let me clear that up. It's more a squeal and a shreek and a little dance- because of a) 4 day week 2) Summer c) it's the weekend! Celebrate!

My sweet friend Alicia gave me the book Crazy Busy for the birthday - along with some Take5 bars and notecards because she's a champ. I think she was on to something about me and this appropriate book due to the pure fact that it took me a near 2 weeks to finish up this tiniest of books. Even at the last chapter Deyoung makes a comment about how as the reader, it probably took a while to get there. True statement, my friend. True statement.

I feel like I'm a super busy person. A lot of that I bring on myself. I try to fill up my time and spend it with the people I enjoy. I like to staaayyyy.. wait for it... busy. Yep! I like a full calendar. Yet, it leaves me a little close to exhausted. My mama has figured this out about me. I go and go and go, and it all eventually crashes down on me because I've failed to rest in between the goin. All crashing down as in my tearful breakdown in the Wendy's last Sunday while snacking on my 4 pc. It wasn't ugly, but it happened. Anyways, just going to share a few points from the book. Few so that you go read it for yourself.  Kinda like Reading Rainbow and the "but you don't have to take my word for it."
  • The problem of busyness is not a problem relating to the world's chaos, but it is related to something not being right with us. Whether it be people-pleasing, the need to stay in control or perfectionism, we stay busy because of something within us that is not at rest in Christ.
  • John the Baptist's words: "I freely confess that I am not the Christ." We get in such a mentality that we have to do everything and be everything to everybody. We should be praying more - evangelizing more that it spins out of control. When we can't handle it all, it results in disappointment with ourselves and a sense of failure. Noting a sermon, the author says "You may be a part of the bridal party, but you are not the groom. You are not the Messiah, so don't try to be."
  • D.A. Carson -"Nevertheless if you are among those who become nasty, cynical, or even full of doubt when you are missing sleep, you are morally obligated to try to get the sleep you need. We are whole, complicated beings: our physical existence is tied up to our spiritual well-being, to our mental outlook, to our relationships with others, including our relationship with God." So thankful for this. The moments where I just feel like the enemy is dancing over me are the moments when I have not rested and slept well and stopped. 
  • Busyness will be burdensome. A love for people will be burdensome.
  • Mary v. Martha - I'm always on Martha's team. But it's not that Martha was doing anything wrong, it's that Mary was doing the better thing. She was sitting at the feet of Jesus learning from Him and worshipping Him. And Deut. 8:3
There's a lot more to be said. And I considered it all to be quite helpful. I want this summer to be different. I've thought a lot about this, simply because last year wore me out! Being a Martha is hardwork and exhausting, I'm tired and weak and am in certain need of Jesus. I desire to walk faithfully with Him and truly understand what walking with Him looks like. I want to spend time with the people who mean the most to me and focus on them. They're the ones He has given me, and for that I am grateful. Practically that looks like this: a lot less scheduling of my life and no time on the social media outlets - though I'll still be blogging away. I want to rest. I want to relax. I want to grow. I want to trust. I want to enjoy. And I want to walk.

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