Monday, May 12, 2014

Hotlanta.. because it's Hot

Provided is a trip highlight and the appropriate commentary. I hope you enjoy!

Me: I think that they call it Hotlanta because it's so hot.
Amanda: No. I don't think that's exactly it.

Coke Trip:
Walked in like I had won the dag gum lottery. Only after a 45 min stand still on the MARTA to which we had to get off. Ate our $10. Then drove to the World of Coke like two little not-so happy campers.
Our faces are saying: Finally!
Me: Look at us trying to take a blame selfie. Ok, others are taking one too. We're good.
Host: The Coke formula was created on May 8, 1886.
Me: Well How. About. That?

Aquarium Trip:
Ticket man: Wait! Are ya'll two sisters?
Us: Giggling. Noooo.. but we get that all the time.

I am absolutely certain that at some hidden location in the GA Aquarium there were bags of money, and the people were dying to find it. Or.. that because we didn't have kids, we had no real legitimate reason to be at the aquarium. So parents encouraged their kids to scoot to the front.. for us to be knocked out of the way again by said parents. It's the American way.
We are nonetheless relieved to finally take a picture with the penguins. See'em back there?

 I also kept wondering where in the world was this WHALE? people kept talking so much about. I am still certain I did not see him.  This is what I did see.  I, however, was thinking like Jonah and the whale.

Dinner out Trip:
Me: Let's go to the Cheescake Factory... I want a massive dessert full of chocolate.
Walk up to door. Notice covered outdoor furniture. Pull on door. Restaurant is closed.
Amanda: Well I realized the furniture was covered up. And there was no menu outside. And then there was no line waiting outside. But whatever.
This picture says it.. Atlanta dealt us a bad hand, and we are tired.

CNN Trip:
I, for one, love a good tour. And was in a near state of panic when I thought we were going to be late and miss our scheduled tour.  However.. late- we were not. We checked our bags and off we went on the escalator to learn all sorts of CNN goodness.  I would say.. we are getting better at this selfie game.

Post Trip:
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And we will just end on this note... Perfect.

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