Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Is My Life #652781

Because I am random and because my life cracks me up on a daily basis, this is what I've got:

- This morning on the way to work the Throwback station was playing that NSYNC Girlfriend song featuring Nelly.  And Thursday morning started off swell.

- To which I then heard  Eminem pop into a song with Rhianna.. as if that's abnormal.. and I thought to myself, "That Eminem is a lyrical genius."  He's had me from his 1999 VMA performance, and that's a long time to be hooked folks.

- On any given day that I wear these navy skinny capri pants situations, one pant leg will be about an 1 to 2 inches higher than the other (and not because they are made that way). I'll get up from my desk and walk around the building.. one leg still higher than the other.. looking like a lost kid in the grocery store.

- I practically screamed out loud "YESSSSSSS" this morning when I read a blog about a girl who loved a Coke in a styrofoam cup.. No truer words have ever been spoken.  Well, besides the Bible of course!

- Apparently my accent plays out in my typing as well.  I responded to a friend who is having a rat situation in her Baltimore apt. (Situation meaning 1) with the following: No lack a for real trap. Snap and they're dead. I then quickly followed up with: like* but most certainly pronounced lack.

- There's a scene in The Help where she says, "Ketchup is just a vehicle for oysters." Well.  JIF Natural Peanut Butter is my ketchup. And saltines, wheat thins, bread, vanilla wafers and a spoon are my vehicles.

- Yep. This pretty much explains the wild night ahead. .. and just our plain love for food.

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