Monday, April 28, 2014

The Bestie: The End of an Era

"It's the end of an era."

It's kind of like Monica and Rachel, except there's no Central Perk.. or trivia game..  but maybe there's a Chandler.. and I am Rachel.

So without further ado.. Here's a recap for you.. and for me.. and we won't shed a tear. We will just kick off the last week of Raleigh with a bang! Though that officially kicked off last night...

Meeting at Bay Leaf or on campus - That's still up for debate.
Zydeco and Helios and the State Fair - Round 1.
Followed by Rounds 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 andddd 7 - Rounds indeed.
The time where we all really didn't like ....
The mad face.
"Are you two sisters?"
Crying in the closet.
China - and everything that involved. Whew!
BBQ Chicken pizza, Ruffles, and a coke
The Balloon Rally and Roger. Gag.
The time I gave up the surprise bday. Whoops!
The 80s Bday.
The time you turned 30 and "Don't tell Erin!"
That time we thought Tyler was in the Hudson.
Fall pictures.
Falling at Erin's wedding.
Lauren's Wedding and the coldest. day.ever.
Nashville, Savannah, Boston 
Citttyyyyy Limmmittttsss Salloooonnn.. in the best Marty impression.
Man, I'm fat.
Does this make me look like a lesbian?
The Breakfast Club.
Story time during the Half Marathon that lasted all of 2 minutes.
Cruise, Cruise, Cruise, Cruise, Cruise - No explanation required.
"Oh ---- There's a snake in the apartment!!!!"
Hot yoga.
The Dryer. Still not my fault.
Goooooodddd Morrrrnnninnnggg. - In cheerleader stance.
Memorial Day Wknd - 2010
That one July 4th.. 
Orphan Book Club
FRIENDS Season 1-10 and OTH Seasons 1-9
Hollywood party
The time I got mad at your mama
"It's sooo cold in hereeeee. Feel this wall. Feel it."
March Madness abs. Easter Abs. Leaving Abs.
Snow days.
A Coke.. and a Diet Coke.
Dressing alike.. Every. Single. Time.
The Fish bowl.. the water.. the fire alarm.
Call Me Maybe video.
Bearing with me ...
The Red Potatoes with Bacon and Italian dressing
McNeil and the roadtrip that took 8 hours to get there.
The pole at the Border.
Taking selfies.
Brenda Walsh and Rachel Green.
"I better be in your wedding!"
"What's up Milllbbbrrrroook???"

Lots O' Fun!


So in the spirit of FRIENDS.. I'll be there for you.. mouth wide open... holding a Coke.. dancing a dance.. crying like a hot mess.. bein' a nut.. cause that's what Friends do.

A side note, if you will: This is inevitably what happens.. My mouth wide freakin' open and Amanda with a cheesy grin.. and it has taken us all of 15 minutes to capture that perfect moment.. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAIR.

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