Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big Girls, Little Girls and the Rapper in between

Big Girls.
The quality of the picture is not so great.  But I purchased my very first couch this weekend!  I have lucked up in the roommate department through the years - they've always had one.  But the time has come, and I needed to get my own.  Within 30 minutes I walked in and out of the Rooms To Go, with a couch and a payment plan - and some free carpet stain removal.  Just doing grown up things.

Little girls.
I ate lunch with Mrs. Bush and her mama on Sunday after church.  It was the simplest little meal, but I loved it.  Sitting in the kitchen around the island having real talk.  It's always real talk with Mrs. Bush.  But she insisted on leaving the room for a few and comes back with an Easter basket for me.  In reality, she gives me an Easter basket every year.  I just forget to think about that.  She knows me well - Cadbury eggs and paper plates and napkins - the latter of which I attribute to her and her hoarding skills of napkins.  And believe you me, I LOVED this basket.  She later commented that "she loved my love for Easter and the Lord." Thanks C-Money.  Little girls.

And the rapper in between...
C-Money is Mrs. Bush's rapper name given to her by Brad Cleveland.  On the way to dinner Friday night, I was attempting to take a selfie because yet again .. it fascinates me how people just turn those suckers out.  This was one such result...  The Rapper formally known as Erin.  Just straight up thug.

Peace out.

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  1. I love your couch!!! It does feel very grown up-ish to buy stuff like that, but also exciting!