Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Bachelor: Learning a Thing or Two

I think it's safe to say that I wasn't the only one watching The Bachelor and the After the Final Rose on Monday night.  I certainly wasn't the only one because me and 50 million thousand of my closest friends crowded around the TV and watched the train wreck, that was, unfold.  It unfolded in slow, slow motion and then sped up to such a rapid speed that I think my mouth was wide open in shock more than Clare's for the entire episode.  And that's saying alot, folks.

I've been a faithful watcher of this terrible reality-ness since the beginning.  It's been a long ride, but I like it.  I don't at any point expect to be swept off to Vietnam or London or even Miami, if we want to get real with it.  I just watch, offer commentary and then go on the merry way.  This last season was a bit different, and it hit me a little hard Monday night after the show was over.  I'm not usually one to suggest a take-away from The Bachelor of all places, but let's unfold it. - Unfold it just like Juan Pablo's alter egoness.. or just his ego.
PS- Yes, I realize this is a game of sorts and not real life.

But still.  Clare and Nikki were the final two contestants of this season.  Both professed to be in love with Juan Pablo, though he gave neither any reason to believe he felt the same way in return.  Both women continuously went on and on about how he would be the perfect man for them and was the man they'd always hoped to marry, etc.  Where did this come from?  How could they even think this?  Juan Pablo was good at saying good things.  He gave them every thing they wanted to hear - They were beautiful.  They were hott. He liked this about them, or he liked that about them.  He was good at giving them the affirmation they wanted in the moment.  Yet, at the end of each date, the girls were frustrated. confused. spinning in circles and not good circles.  They wanted more words than Juan Pablo gave them - MORE.  It was a continual need for him to say exactly how he felt.  Granted with the snazzy contracts ABC types up, he couldn't exactly do that; however, I don't think he would have if he could.  Anyways, the compliments and affirmation were not enough.  Clare and Nikki wanted more.

I realized Monday night just how important words mean to me at times.  Someone can say something to me, and I will hold onto like Monica's coveted wedding dress from Kleinman's.  The words can be positive or negative, but I'll hold tight.  They will impact my day on a much larger scale than anything else.  I will read and re-read trying to figure out wording or hidden meaning.  

And now we come full circle.  Clare, Nikki, me and maybe you were putting hope in words.  Hope in words means that we are seeking fulfillment/completion in the words people give to us.  And because it can not complete us, we are continuously in want for more.  Mr. Webster defines hope as putting our full confidence in something.  Hoping in words means that we are putting our hope in what people say.  Words and people are going to disappoint us.  They just are.  It doesn't mean that compliments and affirmation can't be appreciated it.  But it most certainly means that we need to reevaluate where our hope is.  

Our hope is in the Lord.  He is the one we need to have full confidence in.  He will not disappoint.  Last night, as I was reading through Romans, I asked the Lord to reveal to me verses that show hope in Him.  I'm in Romans remember? Well a verse from Jeremiah that is so familiar popped into my head but with a different perspective.  The verse: "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.. to give you a hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11.  And the breakdown: A) God gives us the hope.  B) That hope is in Him.  C) We will prosper in Him and for his glory, if our hope is in Him.

And that my friends is the thing or two I learned while watching the Bachelor. Who would've thought?

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