Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sweet Reminders

Today mark's the day... that we all scream and shout because Spring is FINALLY here! Whew, that took long enough didn't it.  I've been a busy little bee at work for the past several weeks.  But I wanted to share a few things the Lord has been teaching me and how's He used others to teach me a thing or two.

On numerous occasion, people always say fall in love with Jesus.  Fall in love with Him.  Not just the knowledge of who He is, but actually fall in love with Him.  If you're like me, I want to know a "how" to do that.  I want a formula.  That's how my mathematical brain works.  But there isn't one.  I really have been praying that I would grow closer to Jesus and have a stronger relationship with Him.  I've been asking the same of others.  If I'm going to be honest, the Gospels and Epistles and all of the New Testament are sometimes hard for me.  I want to do everything in my own strength (Old Testament girl) and not rely on anyone else (Christ).  That's why the New Testament is a hard thing to approach.  I admitted that one several weeks ago with tears just continuously streaming down my face.  In God's grace, He is showing me Christ.  That's it.  He's showing me more of Jesus and his sufficiency.  My church is currently going through Philippians.  It hit me at growth group this past week.  V.1:21 - "To live is Christ." I often start off a conversation or my own thoughts with what's wrong.. how I'm struggling etc.  I don't have x,y and z so I'm having a hard time.  If I shift to living with the mindset Christ died for me to have, then it becomes "I have Christ. Period.  And I'm blessed with everything else that comes after that."  He has met my greatest need - salvation! The rest is just icing. on. the. cake.  Thankful for his grace in showing me this - also his grace in sustaining my little rebellious heart.  HE draws me to himself, and for that I am thankful

Lauren encouraged me this week by reminding me of Eve in the garden.  I'm a control freak and want to be in the know about everything.  I want to especially know who I'm going to marry, when I'm going to marry them, and how I'm going to meet them.  I want the knowledge just like Eve did in the garden many, many years ago.  Her sin was in disobedience but she disobeyed because she wanted the knowledge and thought God was holding out on her.  My doubts, fears, worries and anxieties about one day saying "I do" translate to the same problem, just a different day.  I want the knowledge, but in the greater sense am conveying that I'm not trusting God.  I'm thinking God is holding out on me.  Lord, let me rest in the knowledge of not knowing it all and have peace in knowing that You go before me.

Heather encouraged me by reminding me of the parable of the talents (Matthew 25).  When the man returned home, he found that some of his servants and used the talents he'd given them and made a profit.  One chose to do nothing with his.  The next passage of scripture after this parable is about Jesus facing Jerusalem and heading towards his crucifixion.  Will I be found faithful with the "talents" he has given me and turn my face towards Jerusalem?  Will I serve here with all of my heart and fulfill the purposes/role that he has for me?

Jen encouraged me by continuously pointing me back to the gospel in a prayer she emailed me.  It was beautiful.  I am truly thankful for sweet friends that speak Truth and point me back to God's Word and Him when they are sending something my way.  I hope these have been a sweet reminder to you as well - We have Christ.  Nothing else compares.

Happy Spring!

PS- I'm thinking of doing another series of sorts...Any topics or areas of scripture you want to discuss? Leave a comment.

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