Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Black Dresses and the 80s

Today is Tuesday.  Yes.  But with an ice day, the blog took a brief little pause.  During aforementioned pause, I watched more Teen Mom episodes than necessary and the Bachelor.  Guilty Pleasures.  No hiding that.

But I wanted to do a quick post about the weekend - the previous weekend.  This past weekend was a blessing and evidence of God's grace in my life.  It felt like a sprint of a weekend! When Friday rolls around, it doesn't matter how much you have planned because it's all gone in the blink of an eye.

Friday evening started off with a 30th birthday celebration for my friend, Kelly.  We wanted to do something special.. well.. because let's be real.. when 30 rolls around, a girl needs to feel special.  And I, for one, LOVE to celebrate birthdays!  I'll celebrate anybody's birthday - and when they are friends, it makes it even more fun!  This birthday celebration called for little black dresses, a pasta bar, pound cake and 80's Trivia.

Saturday was filled with working out with Alicia.  Taking lunch to Nate and Lane.. and meeting Anna Kate.  Spending the afternoon with Heidi and her mama.  Dinner with Hannah and meeting new friends at a girls night.  One word or two: JAM. PACKED.  All that to say.. I am thankful the Lord has provided me NUMEROUS friendships with solid, Christian ladies.. They are my family here in Raleigh, AND they spur me onward towards Him!  I feel like that should appropriately end with an Amen. So, Amen.

In true birthday fashion - Kelly style, I will leave with these 80's trivia questions:
1 - This TV show is known for the Sugarbakers and their Georgia accents.
2 - Nancy Reagan made this 3 word phrase a popular drug campaign slogan.
3 -  Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire while filming this commercial.
4 -  "Don't You Forget About Me" is the song made popular in this movie.

So long fellow 80's friends..  


  1. LOVE!!! I had soooo much fun at my party!!!!! agree 100% about the Christian ladies in our lives. love ya'll so much!

  2. 1- Obvi I know this... Designing Women
    2- "Just say no" to drugs?
    3- Pepsi commercial
    4- Breakfast Club