Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Hard to Spell February

I wanted to do a blog post today for this solitary purpose -- I need to alert the masses that FEBRUARY IS OVER!  Good gosh I couldn't be more excited!  I think we can all agree that it's been a cold one.  So here's my February.. So long.. See you in 2015.



Candy-lympics Gummy candies
Candy-lympics M&M flavors
Homemade chocolate chip cookies - Round 2
Snow day antics - Cabin fever = looking like Duck Dynasty
My daddy's Valetine's gift to me
Sweet lil' Maggie
Loving this verse Romans 8:37-9
Sam & Libby's are back!
Sunsets with pink
I am in love with this simple outfit.
My new bag. aka. Spring, hurry up.

Happy Friday! 

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