Monday, March 31, 2014

Being Me.

Happy Monday folks! It surely doesn't feel like a Monday, so we shall count that a little victory!  And onward we march into the rest of this week...

The series will be back later this week.  I really tried to work something up but could not type anything out.  I now know all about a writer's block.  I will also gladly blame it on the high intake of Starburst jelly beans and the distracting sunshine beaming into my window.  End note.

So I thought I would share a few random thoughts or moments.  Because that happens.  I'm random and that is my life.

Scenario: Someone is flipping one of those signs around outside an apartment complex.
My thought:  I wonder how much someone gets paid for something like that?  Talented.

Scenario: Walmart and turning the aisle to the easter candy.
My thought: Halllelujaahhh! Hallleellujah! My heart literally skipped a beat. And I might have said Wow!

Scenario:  Talking to my coworker about a husband not wanting to go to counseling.
Me: Yeah, that's just like...
My thought: Yeah, that was from Teen Mom. Not real life.  Can't make that connection.  Leah's new man did not want to go to counseling with her.  And after watching 5 straight episodes, I feel like we are bffs.

Scenario: This picture.
My daddy:  You want me to go grab that pot of gold.  No wait, we've got enough.. let others go after it.
Me: Yeah, I mean really.. we can share the wealth. Spread. the wealth!!!

I literally cried like a baby watching the last episode of Duck Dynasty this weekend.  Jase's love for his daughter.  And Mia reading out Psalm 46:10 before her surgery.  Yes, nearly lost it.  Not quite. But it was touch and go for a minute there.

Back to the candy aisle situation.  I am my mother's daughter and my mema's granddaughter.  We stood on the candy aisle looking at various dark chocolates for no less than 5 minutes.

My brother and his in-laws auditioned for Family Feud this past weekend.  How in the world did I miss out on that!?!?!

And looking through old pics posted on the blog.. I miss these..

Just another day.. being me!
Happy Opening Day!

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