Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Office Supplies, Turkeys and Duke

That's random right?

Pens. Staples. White out. Rubberbands. Paper clips.  Just a few of your average office supplies that can be purchased at your local Staples.  I've grown to love a good office supply.  And by love, I really mean -- make things happen.  When I was working with campus ministry, I would need a quick fix for the hair while in the office.  Paper Clip. Sure.  Rubberband. Definitely.  Work it up a little bit, and then you have a ponytail with bangs pinned back.  That's all it takes.  Multi-functional. And I like it.  

Proudly making use of the Paper clip bobby pin since 2006

We had a bowling birthday party on Sunday night for 2 of the ladies in my small group - Leah and Alicia.  What I learned:  3 strikes at the bowling alley does not mean you get a free turkey.  It's just called a turkey.  I realized this when Eric never ended up with a prized frozen turkey after his third strike.  Real life.  And I laugh.

In other totally unrelated news, college basketball is in FULL swing, and my heart couldn't be happier.  I'm ready for the Madness to begin I tell ya!  And I'm going to stick by these fellas.. hoping to see a repeat of 2010.  One can hope, right?  And I am a fan.  Go Duke.


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