Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fenway and Baseball Love

For the love of baseball.  I'm going to attribute that love to the solid commitment to the Braves organization by the Gandy family in the 90's (Smoltz, Justice, Nixon.. that's what I'm talking about).. and I mean, it's still going strong.  But sadly those boys didn't make it to the Series.  But seeing as how I was in Boston all of three days and went on this nifty Fenway Park tour, I'm feeling like a screaming, crazed Boston fan like the rest of 'em.  Combine the history aspect and the baseball love, and you get one happy girl.  I don't think they realize the steady advertisement I have given for this tour.  Really.  Yes, really.  So I'm going to do you a favor... and me a favor, and practice rattling off a few facts about Fenway.  You know, just in case I never need a job.. I think I could have this one in the bag.  So without further ado, this is Fenway Park [the short version].  

- The World Series:  Why would we call it the WORLD Series when it just operates in the US?  Yeah, I have that answer for ya.  When the World Series began, there was a popular magazine called "World."  It decided to sponsor a tournament among the baseball teams in the country.. You know, just a little something fun for the folks to get excited about.. watch a little baseball.. eat a few peanuts.  The usual. The tournament took on the name The World Series. You see what they did there?  And the rest is history.

- The Green Monster:  HUGE green wall built in 1934 on the left side of Fenway.  Yawkey, a South Carolinian, did not like it that the car salesmen across the street would get on their roof tops and watch the games.  His solution to the problem: Build a wall where they couldn't see for free.  Look at those SC fellas.. always tryin to make a dollar. Smart. Business. folks!

- Sitting on the TOP:  There are fifty some odd seats atop the Green Monster that go up for raffle every January.  You can enter the drawing for the opportunity to purchase tickets to one of the games, and sit right there on the wall!  Um yes, please!  Already marking my calender to enter the races..  However, if they win this series, my chances are going decrease siiigggggnificantly.  You do the math. 

- There are a section of blue seats along the third base line .. Well, read closely those are the original seats from the 1934 reconstruction.  I know I'm impressive with the dates, but let's be real.  Here's the deal: I had to look that stuff up!  Amazing right.  Some of you are probably like "Eh, not really!"  But I almost took a picture of the blame thing.  The tour guide said it this way - Alot of the families keep their same season tickets. So great grandparents, grandparents, fathers, sons, and grandsons/daughters (no need to leave us girls out!) have possibly all sat in the same seats throughout the years. Sigh.  That's a good family time right there. 

- The Lone Red Seat:  The only red seat in the outfield represents the longest homerun hit at Fenway.  It actually made a hole in the man's straw hat who was sitting in that seat.  He had skipped work that day to go to the game.  Well, he landed on the front page news.. because a new record was established .. and he was part of that record.  So much for calling in sick.. uh huh yeah.

Ok, that's it folks!  Spread the wealth!
I see you Friday.

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