Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faithful to Follow

I was trying to think of what God has been teaching me lately (In that over-thinking kind of way), and I was coming up with nothing really.  Then, of course, I started questioning -  "God are you teaching me anything at all right now?"  And He is.  Promise.  I will share, because that's what I do.

I think it's so easy to think on what God is teaching and try to find that mountain top experience where the clouds parted .. and God spoke audibly.. and the sun was shining.  But I don't think it should happen that way.  I think God teaches us in the most boring of life's moments and the most awesome of life's moments- they should be one in the same.  If we are walking with him, we are walking with him during the good AND bad.  It is following the Lord and learning from his every step.  That's not easy though, and I all too often get off the path... doing my own thing.. probably being distracted by a butterfly or something.  But God graciously pulls me back in and continues to love me and continues to show grace.  Sweet grace.

The walking in between has been teaching me much about faithfulness.  I think of the term faithful on many levels.  I think of a faithful fan who continues to face paint and yell and scream, even when their team is at the bottom of the barrel.  I think of a faithful marriage.  Committed to one partner.  For life.  No other options.  i think of life's everyday routine and being committed to the gym or the same coffee shop or the same grocery store.  Faithfulness to the same Chickfila combo - Spicy Chicken Sandwich add pepperjack with a Coke.  Like a boss. Some would call faithfulness boring.  I admire it.  

The even greater faithfulness that the Lord has obviously been teaching me about is faithfulness to him - a commitment to following him. This is clearly more of a commitment than a Chickfila combo. This Christian life isn't just about professing with our mouths, though equally important.  This Christian life is about being a little Christ - following him, doing what he does, showing him to others through actions, committing to a life of service and others, expanding his kingdom.  This is faithfulness.  Living as he lived.  And I want to be faithful.

I want to be faithful in prayer.  - Romans 12:12
I want to be faithful to reading his Word and learning.
I want to walk in faith in the good situations of life.
I want to walk in faith in the difficult situations of life.
I want to be faithful to give to those in need.
I want to be faithful to serve others in my family, community, church, and the friends.  - Phil. 2:3-4
I want to be faithful to follow. -Luke 9:23
I want to be faithful in this way:

Psalm 15
O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?
Who shall dwell on your holy hill?
He who walks blamelessly and does what is right
and speaks truth in his heart;
who does not slander with his tongue
and does no evil to his neighbor,
nor takes up a reproach against his friend;
in whose eyes a vile person is despised,
but who honors those who fear the Lord;
who swears to his own hurt and does not change;
who does not put out his money at interest
and does not take a bribe against the innocent.
He who does these things shall never be moved.

This is what He has been continuously teaching me.  It's a faithful walk.. step by step.  It's a walk I'm enjoying.

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