Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boston #30before30

Every time I get home from traveling, I'm ready to up and go again.  I used to not be this girl and always wanted to stay at home.  I also used to think my travel liking was because I was antsy with my situation in life and was finding some joy in things other than the Lord (This still can be true), but I've come to realize that that it is not entirely true.  What is entirely true is that I have come to enjoy .. excuse me, love, ... seeing how the world lives.  There is nothing much more cultural of an experience than sitting on a mass transit system such as the T, in this case, and just watching people.   God created this world outside of ourselves and bubbles and how we think this life is supposed to be lived.  There are restaurants and plays and historical aspects and the T and shopping and small conversations that allow you to venture into another part of the world and see how the people are.. see how they are created.. see how they function.. see how they love, care, and live.

Traveling has brought me such an appreciation for life.  This life.  The one life we are given to live for God's glory.  I see such loss of hope and desperation in the eyes of many here and there.  It doesn't matter where you are, you can see someone longing for something more than this life has to give them.  They fight for the right outfit and right appearnace and right talk.  But they aren't fighting for the Lord.  Traveling helps me to see that God is greater.  God is the God of this world.  His people aren't just in my bubble of the South.  His people are everywhere!

Who:  Amanda and I
What: That much needed 30before30 Trip and a little bit of relaxation.
Where:  Every little tiny corner of Boston.. down to the Walgreens.
Why:  Because I wanted to.  I had the money to.  I love History.  It's a New England state. And because you just shouldn't sit on your couch and not see the world folks.


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