Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I know sometimes it is ridiculously hard to want to or make time to read the Bible.  I try to challenge myself to read through the Bible every year.  I heard a pastor say one time that he had been reading through the Bible every year since his teens.  He was like sixty some odd years old.  It blew me away because he told of his new perspective and learning new things from God's Word every year.  Treasures all the time folks!

I'm currently in Acts and have written a few things on a Post-it at my desk.  I just thought I'd share these notes.

Acts 8 - Sensitivity to the Spirit guiding to nonbelievers.  Phillip and the Ethiopian.

Acts 9 - Seeing the work of the Lord many turned to God.  We must be faithful to proclaim who the Lord is and how He is working in our lives (specifically v. 35)

Acts 15:26 - "Men who have risked their lives for the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Acts 18:9 - Do not be afraid but go on speaking and do not be silent.  Also the ministry of Aquila and Priscilla opening their home to Paul.

Acts 20:22  Not bothered by hardships awaiting in every city; goal is to make Christ known.

These are just a few notes, but God has just opened my mind to how diligent Paul was in spreading the gospel.  He received warnings about not going to certain cities, but he went any way.  He was imprisoned.  The gates were once even opened for him to leave, but he stayed.  He was beaten and shipwrecked and much more.  Yet, Paul used each opportunity to advance the name of Jesus.  His life had been forever changed, and he couldn't stop talking about it.

Sadly I don't see my life as having that much persistence and devotion for the cause of Christ.  Thankful for God's grace and him showing me what fighting for the gospel really means.

And in other news, Halloween is on the way!  Please challenge yourself to be intentional with this day that a lot of people celebrate.  We don't have to shut our doors!  Read the post about Halloween and the Nehemiah Project by clicking right on over to HERE!

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