Monday, September 9, 2013

Watergate and Macaroni and Cheese

Happy Monday y'all! My radio landed on "Big Pimpin'" this morning.. and Monday was underway. That's about all I can say about that.

You know those weekends that are just refreshing.  That was this weekend, and I was truly thankful for every minute of it.  Erin Day was on Saturday.  Erin Day = Do whatever I want.  And do whatever, I sure did.

I popped out of bed around 7:30 and ended up on a run outside by 8.  The beautiful mornings like we had on Saturday make it pretty easy to praise Our Creator.

I have officially begun crochet projects.  Making steps and strides... I felt all crafty-like by going into AC Moore and picking out yarn for said project.

Oh you know, just went to the NC History Museum downtown to see the Watergate exhibit.  I am such the little history nerd that I could barely stand it.  I had my phone out looking up facts from the exhibit and extra stories like I was a historian or something.  Well, the history major maaaaayyy qualify me for something!
Oh that Nixon.. He's a tricky one.

The South [tha sau-th] n. - The place where:
1. Tea is sweet, and the accents are sweeter.
2. Summer starts in April.
3.  Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable.
4. Front porches are wide and words are long.
5. Pecan pie is a staple.

The church I've been visiting was having their 2 Year Anniversary Celebration on Sunday - by the lake and with a pig-pickin.  Thankfully, I did not have to see the pig all stretched out and what not, BUT I did make this macaroni and cheese! Oh yes, there are 2 whole cups of cheese. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

The weekend also featured my favorite Hazelnut icecream with Kelly,  Chickfila with Hillary, and Mexican with Amanda, a workout or two, a chat with Amelia, and knocking Season 9 of Friends out of the park.  Oh, and I did watch a little bit of football and learned a thing or two. Delightful.

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  1. i learned some football too!!! i think i'm finally grasping the game! Yay for Hazelnut!!