Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Type A and Joy

Home to SC twice.  Washington, DC.  Boston.  Chicago.  All within the next 4 months.

And so goes my life.  One plan after another.  And these are just the large plans.  There are small plans in between.  They aren't written on the calendar, but they are there.

I read a blog last week that mentioned Type A personalities spend 80% of their life planning and only 20% of their life actually enjoying those plans (if there is such a thing).  Hello, I'm a Type A.  If you know me at all.. you probably already knew this about me.  I enjoy planning and creating and making an agenda for those little trips you just saw.  I spend much of my time planning the next thing I will do.

But when I read that little fact about the Type As of the world, I gasped.  It's true.. it's so very true. Being in the car for oh so many hours this past weekend allowed me to have much time to think.  My life pretty systematically jumps from one plan to the next.  Some people would absolutely hate this life, and some would absolutely thrive and celebrate this life.  At this point in the game, I don't want either.  Here we go:

In Nehemiah 8, Ezra reads the Book of Law to the returning Israelites.  They are told to return to their homes and build tents to stay in for a week.  These tents are to remind them of how God brought them out of Egypt and all he had done for them.  Their joy wasn't to be in the fact that they had strong stable houses or that they had returned. No, staying in these tents was to remind them of God and who He was.  Their joy was to be in the Lord for all He had accomplished.  

We/I easily find joy in things other than Christ.  My temporary joy comes from the next adventure.  The next place to go.  The next party to have.  The next fun restaurant to try out.  The list could and does go on.  That's temporary.  It easily falls away when the adventure has stopped.  That's why Type A girl here is already planning the next adventure while I'm currently sitting on the plane to the first adventure.  Our God did not send His son for that.  He wants our joy to be him Him alone-in the sacrifice that was made, in the blood that covers our sins, in the righteousness that covers us, in the reconciliation with our Father.  This is where our joy is to be found.  It took me aback in my driving time to think about what I had learned in Nehemiah and the Kelly Minter study I'm doing.  But it's all so true.  It's okay to enjoy those trips and doing new things.  But for me, I was using that as my happiness and found myself signing up for the next thing to keep me happy and on the ready.  My joy is i n the Lord and who He is and what He accomplished for me.  Thankful.

I am thankful that God loves His children, and that He uses His Word to bring us to realize great things in our life that need to be changed. -- To find joy in the Lord and Him alone --  To be like the Israelites and be reminded of all He has done rather than thinking on the accomplishments of our own hands (whatever they may be) and -- to be satisfied in Him alone.

This is my life.  Type A, Jesus, and all.

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