Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Dear Life

I've come to a blank about what to write about.  It's not that nothing is going on in my little dear life.  I feel like a lot is going on, and I'm staying busy.  In no apparent and quite random order, here is my dear life.

This week Lauren V. and I have figured out that communicating through email works best for keeping up with each other.  I wrote a little blog spot about her a few months ago called "Friend Love".  I used to head up to Lauren's office on my breaks at school.  We were able to chat for either 5 minutes, or an hour.  Clearly I lost track of time, and she lost track of work. Ha.  But I am thankful for friends near and far (Denver).  I am thankful that though it has been quite a few months since we have talked, our bond as sisters in Christ makes it seem as if we never skipped a beat. AND a good beat at that! I'll say it again.. the friends you make in seminary, are the ones you won't lose track of.

I am currently reading "The Sacred Search" by Gary Thomas.  Kelly recommended the book, and I'm trucking my way through it.  There is much to be said about searching for a mate.  Not so much the searching side but understanding the extent of who we are marrying and why we are marrying them.  God is teaching me.  I feel unteachable.  But He is breaking those molds and preconceived notions that I have had about marriage.  It's not just about him being a Christian.  There is so much more.  I know more now than ever (and am thankful for this continued affirmation)  that I want to marry someone who loves the Lord with all of his heart.  I always knew that but God is teaching me more of the importance and not just a "because" factor.  Girls, just a thought: Would he even be involved in church if you weren't around?  Once I'm completely finished with the book, I'm sure I will have more to say.

Isaiah and Jeremiah.  Reading these two books and the weight of their role during their time.  Oh it just almost overwhelms me.  Wouldn't you get tired of telling someone to "Turn Back!" over and over and over.  That would just be plain wearisome! Such weight in telling the chosen people that God is about to punish them and exile them for the wrongdoings.  I think Israel had fair enough warnings. But see the compassion of the LORD! - He brought them back y'all.  We are no different.  I think of how many times I turn away and turn to my worthless idols ... But God didn't leave them in exile. He brought them back.... And further on in the story, He sent us Jesus!

I love the song "Great is Thy Faithfulness."  I'm not kidding y'all when I say this little song is like God's very present to me, Erin.  My first day at Southeastern we sang this song in chapel.  This song was also playing my first day on the new job.  There have been several other moments in my life where I was tired and spent.. and what ends up on the radio or at church or in chapel... "Great is Thy Faithfulness."

He is Faithful.

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