Friday, July 26, 2013

Confession Friday

Hello Friday! You're looking lovely...
What better way to start the weekend than with a few confessions!  Leslie from A Blonde Ambition provided the questions.. and I shall provide the answers.. Get your game face on.
It's confession time!

1. My worst fashion offense of all time has to be the Gilligan bucket hat or too short bangs or the hair that knew not the light of a straightener. (Bonus if you can provide a photo of said offense.)

2. The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably Nelly - Country Grammar, but I do love some Nelly.

3. The last white lie I told was [not quite sure] In truth, there was probably no "white" to it. It was probably bold-faced, black, size 299 font.

4. The celebrity I most wish would disappear is Lady Gaga. For Good.

5. Sometimes I wish I could marry Luke Perry, or eat chocolate all day long, or star in my own reality show, or perfect a homemade chocolate chip cookie, or that gas prices would fall down.. way, way down.

6. My childhood crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas - fan letters to him and posters included.

7. I've never turned down a Coke from Chickfila - weak, very weak.

8. Mascots of any kind makes me a nervous wreck.

9. I'd rather watch paint dry than sit through a tennis match.

10. Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching 16 and Pregnant or Catfish.

Happy Weekend y'all! Sit back, relax, and enjoy that sunshine and a book!


  1. I agree with the tennis match...or golf tourny. Yawn!

  2. Nelly is your most embarrassing song? I highly doubt that my friend.

  3. I was more of a Devon Sawa and Joey Lawrence kind of girl ;)

    Most embarassing song on my iPod... Addams Family Groove by MC Hammer. Proly.

  4. Love it. Totally going to steal this.