Friday, June 21, 2013

The Three Kellys

I don't really know where today's blog post is going to go, so we shall just go!

I am doing Kelly Minter's study on Nehemiah with my bible study group this summer. Not to be confused with the study we did on Nehemiah the week I was in Prague.  Not to be confused with the fact that we had a whole other Kelly study in mind, but Nehemiah was on the shelf.  So what I think and am prepared for is that God is going to be teaching me some great things in Nehemiah this summer!  Today, I was reading Neh. 2: 11-20 where Nehemiah goes out at night to inspect the wall.  He hasn't told anyone about his plans or what God has laid on his heart.  He hasn't [at this point] felt led by God to disclose that.  He first took time in prayer and preparation before revealing the plan.  You like that alliteration, I know you do.  I was just thinking about how I will have an idea pop into my head or a situation into my life, and I immediately talk about it to whoever will listen.  There is something to be said or seeking godly counsel but in the past have gone well beyond the godly counsel part and sought the answers I wanted to hear part.  Nehemiah doesn't reveal what is on his heart to do until God makes the way for that plan to be revealed.  His reliance is on the God of heaven and earth who is above us all and controls all things - and not his little neighbor friend who might, just might, tell him what he wants to hear.  Putting our hope in God.  Others second. And only others who are close.. know us, know Him, and give counsel according to His Word.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I hope."  Psalm 130:5

Another Kelly.. Kelly and I went for icecream last night at Goodberry's.  I had a gift card which makes it all the better.  I had the Flavor of the Day, Hazelnut with chocolate chip mix-ins.  Let me tell y'all that thing changed my life! Well, Jesus changed my life.. but that ice cream was so good!  And I smile.  Not to mention, I just ate this little Nutella snack thing I got from the Target.  And I have created an addiction.

And Another Kelly.. Kelly Stamps from Kelly's Korner.. Yeah, I stalk her.  Nah, I just read her blog.  But yesterday, she was talking about how our generation is not as focused on expanding God's kingdom.  That is our sole purpose - to bring others to Him, make His name known, and live for Him.  I so so easily get caught in the rut of doing the work thing, the workout thing, the social thing, and the just pure lazy thing.  This was also an area I was greatly challenged in while I visited Prague.  I am not in the Passion generation anymore.  But our generation is at it's prime for reaching others for Christ.  What is God's vision for that?  Hm, maybe that's why I'm studying Nehemiah. There is a conference that I learned about on Kelly's Korner that aims at getting this generation going in that direction.  This is what I took from her page. Hopefully, she won't mind. Sign up gals!

The IF movement will have three distinct parts:
IF: Gathering
This 2-day conference will bring women together and wrestle out how to live out the calling God has placed on our lives. Throw everything you know about “women’s conferences” out the door. This is by us, for us, like us: experiential, story-driven, tribe-building, plumbing the depths. We can hardly wait. // Austin, TX Feb. 7–8 2014
IF: Equip
We are creating a blueprint for intentional equipping – reaching women with tools that are holistic, strategic and deep. By providing easy online access to a like-minded community and relevant resources created by our tribe for our tribe, we will release women around the world to live out their purposes and advance the kingdom. We have an audacious vision to disciple the next generation.
IF: Unleash
We are a generation passionate about disparity and justice; we won’t sit idly by enjoying our advantages while the world suffers. By partnering with organizations like Food for the Hungry, coming specifically alongside women around the world, fostering relationships and utilizing our God-given gifts, we believe this movement not only transforms hearts but leaves a tangible impact on the entire world.
This is too big for us- will you please join us:
If so go put your email in here and prepare to join us February 7-8, 2014 in Austin, Texas. 

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  1. i feel special i got a shout out! and i signed up for the If Movement emails!!! We should go and stalk Kelly Stamps!