Monday, May 6, 2013

The Boundaries Given

I could write another blog about being single.  But I won't.
I could write another post about the sermon I heard this weekend.  But I won't.
I could write about the conversation I had with a friend.  But I won't.
I could post about all my single woes. But I won't.

Time is wasted when we mull over the not yet or the what ifs.  For whatever reason God has allowed many conversations to happen in my life lately about singleness and dating.  Oh how I love talking about a good date!  Back to subject.  I am thankful for these conversations because in those moments God is directing me back to Himself.

 A couple of months ago I began begging God to speak to me.  I wanted to hear from Him.  You know how people always go: "God said this" yadayadayada.  I wanted that!  So that was my prayer.  And He answered in some of the most random moments.  As for dating He spoke clearly.  I have always had this preconceived notion that my husband would definitely be in ministry and he would be x,y, and z.  My bullet points, but you don't need to know those.  One night while I was driving home it happened. Just as clear ... God let me know that my cute, little gift wrapped box of a husband was only good in my eyes but He had better for me. Can you say tears?  Not an onslaught but just those that come with peace.

I say all that to say that God goes before us.  He knows each and every planned step.  He knows if I will one day say "I do."  He knows if I won't.  It was almost hard to say that.  But He knows what I need.  I am thankful that He has opened my heart to seeing the blessings of not being married at this moment.  This isn't to say I'm not ready! And if the train with a cute conductor came along tomorrow I'd go with it! Haha Well, not just anyone.  But there are blessings now!  I am able to freely hit the road and go wherever I want to pending days off.  I can use my money to travel or shop.  Though I'm a nifty budget person, this is the time where your money is your own.  I can serve others more freely. Right now I am probably exercising more than I will ever be able to in life.  I can try new cooking stuff and it just is what it is.  You get the picture.

Consider what you have now.  He had assigned our lot and boundaries; we just have to rest within those.  My apologies if this was a little here and there.  But it's the life He has given me!

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