Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book of the Month

One of my goals for the big 2013 was to read a book a month that would help me to grow in my relationshp with the Lord.  Elisabeth Elliot never disappoints.

"Quest for Love" is a follow up to "Passion and Purity."  Both are such good books.  I wasn't fond of the title of this one because it comes across as if you are searching HARD for the right man.. Quest.. haha, get it? But I really enjoyed this book more so the second time around.  It always teaches you new things because most likely you are at a different place in life.  I appreciate so much how Elliot never once gives hope or a magic formula towards finding the perfect man.  Her heart is for young girls to seek God.  Seek Him.  I think that is all she says over and over again.  I know that sounds simple, but it's true!  If we are seeking the Lord with everything that we have... expending every bit of energy we have towards Him, then His will is what we are going to desire.  Everyday our desire will be to do His will.  If singleness is meant for life, then we will be so focused on Him that singleness will become a delight [I hope.] But I believe it. Elisabeth also draws attention to Psalm 16:5&6 ALOT! The first time I read this book, this scripture reference became one of my favorites.  Elliot reminds me that singleness is the portion I have been given today. Just like the Israelites got a portion of manna for the day.  They were not to worry about the next day.  Singleness is the portion for the day, and I don't have to worry about tomorrow. 

Check it out.. You won't regret it.

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