Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Confessional Friday

In the Spirit of Christmas, there comes a time for Christmas Confessional Friday... and today's the day!

1 - I confess that I could eat my entire weight in Lady Fingers on Christmas Eve. They are my absolute favorite.. Here's to hoping Mema makes them again this year!

2 - I confess that I want to see Christmas lights Every. Single. Year. And I always want to go to Sonic before or after the lights adventure.  That's how the fam worked -- Lights + Sonic

3 - I confess that seeing presents under the tree makes for one happy girl.  Not necessarily that I want to open them all, but it is quite picturesque.

4 - I confess that I want the wrapping paper to match on some level... see #3 and all the picturesque-ness.

5 - I confess that my brother and I used to wake up super early and sit in my bed talking about what Santa brought us.. or what we hoped he would bring. Then when the parents woke up, we would have to race down the hallway for the presents.

6 - I confess that I really like the movie, A Christmas Story.

7 - I confess that I am truly thankful that Jesus came to Earth and that we celebrate on Christmas.  That He came in obedience and love and that because of Him, I am free.  That is the reason I celebrate Christmas.  Being with family and giving, reminds me of what was first given to me... and I am thankful!

"For my eyes have seen your salvation."  Luke 2:30

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