Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funnies for You

I just thought I'd share some funnies today...

I sometimes like to look at the dashboard function that shows the little map of where your blog is being read. Well, I saw the continguous [not continental] picture of the US, Alaska, China, and Japan colored in. BTW Hey Candie, April, and Kara... Thanks for reading! haha. But when I saw that picture, I thought to myself, "Who is reading my blog all the way up in Alaska?" Then I realized... "Oh, yeah that just means the United States. period."

On the way to the fair Saturday, Lindsay and I were discussing the possibility of making a music video for her mama for her last treatment. Lindsay suggested we do the song "Help Me Rhonda" by the Beach Boys because her mama's name is Mrs. Rhonda. The conversation went like this:
Lindsay: We should do "Help Me Rhonda!"
Me: Oh yeah, that's awesome! How does that go again?
Lindsay: [dead look at me] Help me Rhonda, Help, Help me Rhonda.

Yesterday I put on my gym shorts for a run.. noticing they were a little more loose than normal. Yes, I had my backside to the mirror, and I maaayyyy have said "Lookin' good Erin!" haha. Whether we say it aloud or not, we sometimes think that about ourselves. It's totally ok. But then I turned around and saw that I had put my tshirt on background. Not. Looking. So. Good. And I laughed.

This is what I meant to text Mrs. Bush: You always make things sound so rational.
What my text actually said: You always make thongs sound so rational.
Mrs. Bush: Did you mean to send that to me?
Me: Hahahaha .. No.. Things.. Things... Autocorrect got the best of me.
Mrs. Bush: Well good because there is no way to explain thongs rationally except for one way.

This is my laugh..

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