Friday, October 19, 2012

Confession Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! It's here.. It's here! So in the spirit of the Friday that it is.. it's Confession Friday!

So ...

#1. I confess.. Sometimes I think that I am Super Woman. Within the hour and fifteen minutes before I had to be somewhere, I managed to ... Cook and eat dinner, Bake pumpkin muffins, Wash and dry a load of laundry, do a workout DVD, and  empty the dishwasher. I guess I just MAKE. STUFF. HAPPEN.

#2. I confess.. I want to write different places on pieces of paper, put them in a bucket, and then the one I pick.. well, that's where I'll move too.

#3. I confess.. I may have gotten an attitude at McDonalds yesterday.  Not a good attitude, but a "SERIOUSLY?!?" attitude. To prevent any future problems, I bought my own bacon and english muffins and cheese.

#4. I confess.. an obsession with fun-size Kit Kats has emerged!

Nothing cray cray this week.. Have a good weekend!

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