Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taking the Big Apple - Part I

So this is a little over do. I wish I were in New York right this very minute!! Lindsay and I had a VERY early morning for this flight. Thank you Katia for your willingess to drive us to the airport at a mere 4:30 in the morning. To say I looked tragic for the remainder of the day, umm.. yeah.. we will just leave it at that. How I manage to sit by the two cutest guys on the plane both coming and go.. with the circumstances of the time of day on the way.. and looking like a wet rat on the way back. Yeah, that's my luck!

Ah. But Day 1 (and the entire weekend) was chill. Lindsay and I walked around NY while her friend worked. We navigated our way around to Central Park and TImes Square and Rockefellar Center and then cute little Bryant Park... . with cute little fellas. The odds were definitely in our favor! We had an early night with Thai food and icecream and TARGET ( I find them everywhere!) Yeah, and Day 2.. well it took us a little bit to get started. The apartment had no windows -- Um I need sunlight! But we started at lunch with the Shake Shack. HOW do I miss Sean Lowe at the same place.. just one day late.. SERIOUSLY!?!! I was THAT close. And I missed it. Shake my head. But that Shake Shack is in Something Borrowed. AND. IT. IS. GOOD. There is a solid reason they ate there all the time.  The day was filled with TONS of walking. I believe a total of like 10 miles. We WERE NOT prepared. Looking cute took priority. And that failed us miserably.  Favorite part of the day: Seeing the FRIENDS apartment. Awesome :) We ate Sicilian in one place for dinner and then dessert night was in Little Italy. Ate alot! All was good! Dinner - interesting convo going on between our dining neighbors. Apparently both were married (or maybe just the man) but anyways.. those two.. yeah they were lovers... and they were sneaking around. And just a talking about it for everyone and God to hear. I almost blushed I think.  THe night ended with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - feeting hurting and all :)

PS - We walked right up to the Empire State Bldg on Sat. No guards. One camera man. That was all. Just another day... apparently.

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