Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am finally a legal resident of North Carolina!! Today marked the day that this statement became truth.

I have just been driving around this pretty city of Raleigh a happy camper, even happier with my SC Driver's license and tags. But people would randomnly ask me why I was still driving on SC stuff. My only reply was always, "Well, my daddy still pays my insurance, and that's in SC." I didn't know any different.  On my birthday I got curious about the switching residency situation and found out that one is supposed to change their residency to NC no more than 30 days after graduating.

Today was the day, and Boy! did it feel like it took an entire day! Maybe I was just too excited about getting my first license when I was 15 that I didn't care about the lines.. But seriously, I think there could be a better system. Here are just a few fun stories from my trip to the NC DMV today!

* DMV worker: And how long have you lived in NC?
   Me: Two years too late. I didn't realize y'all had this residency situation going.
   DMV worker: Oh my!

* Taking the vision test. I was asked to identify the 12 signs on the screen.
   To this sign, I simply replied: A truck going down a hill.
   And to the last sign, I replied: Uhhhh.. a blank yellow triangle.
   DMV Worker: laughs. Alright. That's a No Passing Zone sign. Your test is
                           on computer #1. Good luck!
   Me: Clearly.

* On the computer test, I read the instructions and clicked Begin. My first question read: 2 + 2 =
   Being the competent 28 year old who passed first grade, I quickly clicked 4.  In my head I was thinking,
   "Alright, I've got this!" But much to my dismay, the top of the screen read "Practice Questions".

This was my adventure this morning. I am now an official resident of North Carolina, though I will glady hold on to my South Carolina accent and knowledge of how to shag dance.

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