Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Home is where you can drive into the yard after a three hour journey and see the parents of your best friend from elementary school walking the block for exercise.  Home is where you can run around in the back yard with your shoes off.  Home is where you can look into the distance and see nothing but fields and trees.  Home is sleeping in late and eating pancakes for breakfast, or icecream if the craving hits right.  Home is a sweet mama and daddy who will grill out and watch baseball.  Home is a new dress, and grits, and walking around Walmart or Target just because.

This past weekend I was able to go home and spend some time with my family.  I am truly thankful for the time this weekend because it allowed me to gain a greater perspective of things I sometimes often miss.  Every so often I just get this strong desire to be back in Darlington, SC.  The pace of life is slower.  Everything seems to be simple and easy.  I'm certain it's not really like that, but for a visitor passing through that is exactly how life comes to me when I am in South Carolina.  There's also that distinctive southern drawl that only other South Carolianians can accurately understand and appreciate. 

I missed it. I missed Darlington. Once I was there, I realized just how much I had missed it. This isn't to say that I think I will move back there one day.  The Lord hasn't changed my heart this far, but I would go if He were to lead.  But what I did realize was just how much I appreciate the smaller town life.  I enjoy the city, and I pray that one day I will be close enough to a city to venture in and do some fun things. For the most part, though, I thrive in a small town.. or maybe I should say small[er] haha. I enjoy seeing faces I know. I enjoy not having a house right on top of me or beneath my apartment for that matter. I enjoy the hot summer days and sitting on the back porch.  I don't know where the Lord will lead me, but I know that He is surely softening my heart for the country and living a simpler life... because that is Home.

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