Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Heart Balloon Complex

I would call it an unhealthy fear.. maybe even an irrational fear... maybe just straight up anxiety. But I have come to not like red, heart-shaped balloons that say Happy Valentine's Day!  And it all started in the 7th grade.

In the 7th grade I was introduced to Valentine's Day on a whole new level. No longer were the paper, quick cut-outs with a sucker acceptable and fun. No. In the 7th grade, Valentine's Day switched over to a day where love was proclaimed. And being the young teen that I was.. I was hoping that Valentine's Day in the 7th grade and beyond, no less, would be the day that someone would profess their undying love for me.  For a couple of weeks leading up to the big day, one could purchase heart balloons to send to their loves.  On the day of the balloons would be delivered during 7th period.  And the day came. And 7th period came. And the balloons came - scattered throughout the entire class period. Apparently there was no organization and the treats filtered in at various times for various people. All the while I am craning my neck every time the door swings open hoping that my crush would think of me and send a balloon. I can with a true, good conscience say that I have NEVER received such a balloon, which has now become a complex. When one constantly hopes or anticipates receiving a red balloon, it never happens.

And there is my story. THere is my sadness in the form of Valentine's Day. A sad, but funny story.

And just so that I know in order to keep up with my 2012 goals, this is what I've read up until now:


This is my life... I laugh at myself :)

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