Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ABC is Looking for You!

So I know some of you've thought about applying for the Bachelor... haha.. I've come up with a list of tips to help you during the process:

- Don't walk around periodically chanting the same catchphrase as a previous celebrity psycho.. Charlie Sheen, when you receive a rose before the other girls -  "Winning!" - Not okay!

- Don't sign up to be a participant if Brad Womack is the Bachelor. Third time still won't be a charm for him.

- Don't create for yourself a black eye just to get the attention of the Bachelor.

- When the next travel destination is announced and all the other girls are screaming with excitement, Don't announce to the crowd that you've already been there.  Fun killer!

- During the application process, Don't tell them your worst fear is heights,spiders, or snakes.. cause you know it's coming during that one-on-one date.  Maybe say .. kittens.

- Do accentuate the Southern drawl. By the looks of the Top 15 on Miss USA, the Southern girls have something going for them.. I couldn't agree more!

- Do wear cute clothes on all occassions.  Yes, a little white tank top does make a statement. But it isn't necessarily the same statement that other nicer outfits may make.

- Do make sure your bathing suit is going to be flattering at all costs, meaning if you are wearing a harness .. that bathing suit will still look good.

- Ditch the formal gowns for rose ceremonies. Cocktail dresses are always a winner.

With these sure fire do's and don'ts, hopefully you will never be on the other side of "This is the final rose of the night"... walking out to your car hypervenilating.

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