Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

This blog is basically going to be all things pop culture.
I LOVE the award show season. Sunday was the Oscars. I never know the movies that are up for awards but I get very excited about the fashion. I used to [and sometimes still do] sketch various dresses for fun. First I will share some of my favorite dresses of the past and then my picks for this year. For one reason or another, these remain in my memory. And I like it.
My picks for Best Dressed this year are:

Amy Adams won my #1 pick for the evening. I think she looks absolutely glamourous in the purple/navy sequin dress. What I liked most was the emerald jewelry that complimented the dress and her fiery red hair.  I like Gwyneth Paltrow's dress also because of the sequin but the colorful pendant that was around her waste was too cute w/ the matching earrings. And well, Halle Berry looks good in anything.. she never skips a beat.

Emily Maynard from The Bachelor 2011 Season 15 with Brad WomackBachelor recap:  I like Brad. That's all. I do. It's his second time around, and really he is trying to do things the right way within the obvious limits of what ABC producers have required of him. But it was good to send Ashley home in the way that he did. I saw a lot of myself [from previous relationships] in Ashley, and it was almost like a shock factor moment for me. But I was able to see it through Brad's eyes and then it all clicked.. and I say Ah ha! I say that Emily is the best. She is too cute and what I like most about her is that she is just true to her Southern accent.  Last night, when Brad came around the corner on the elephant, Emily just kept saying, "Shut up!".  It sounds like Shutttttttt Uppppp.. and is translated to mean our version of "I am so surprised and excited all in one!"  Emily is confident whereas the other two girls just bite their lips all day long. I am thankful that she wanted to be a role model for her daughter and made it clear in front of the cameras as to what she would not be doing in the fantasy suite. Sorry Chris Harrison.. moving right along.

My book of the moment:
Girls Gone Wise in a world gone wild by Mary Kassian. This is a great book about how girls who are following after Christ should look different than girls in the world. I was in tears last night after reading one of the chapters and thinking on how much some of my thought patterns border on a girl of the world. My prayer was "God give me wisdom!"

Happy Tuesday! Mardi Gras is a week from today!

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