Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Give a Rose or not...

So last night was a "crucial" rose ceremony.. It determined who would go on the hometown dates.  I really like watching the show. But believe me when I say, I completely realize that The Bachelor is NOT how love works.

But anyways.. Let's get to the recap..
Completely missed cute Emily's date. If you can't tell by now, I think this is who all of America is routing for. Not once do you see her crying or acting a fool during the entire show. She just does what she does.  She doesn't try to be anything different for Brad. Didn't really get a chance to watch Shawntel either. But she's not my favorite either. PS- Brad looks a little freaked out when they go to the funeral home next week in hometown. I mean really.. is this something you want to be around the rest of your life.?! Ahhhh and then the group date. They could have just done away with that. Wasn't good for them or Brad or us, the viewers. Brad looks like he is about to die during the whole thing. Just send them all home I say. They are freaking out the entire date. And then I want to say..  "Hey! You all signed up on bachelor.com like Chris says.. You knew what you were getting into.." But Michelle is gone .. woo hoo! Way to wise up Brad. And they all lived happily ever after... ummm... not so much..

PS- Lane and I went to Mellow Mushroom for Valentines Day. We do this anyways.. but last night we ate carbs like you would have thought we never saw a bakery before .. ahh.. But this waiter just kept coming by and talking to us.. chatting it up.. Then at the end of our meal comments that he doesn't understand why we didn't have dates... I told Lane. Well, I should have said "We're trying to figure that one out ourselves!" But the brave little toaster that this guy is comes and leaves a blank piece of paper for us to write our numbers on. A) He was not even our waiter and B) I applaud his effort! and C) Lane slid the blank piece of paper under our bills, so he didn't automatically get his feelings hurt.


  1. Haha - I love that you referred to him as a brave little toaster. I also love that you girls let him down easy. What sweet little heartbreakers ;)