Friday, January 27, 2017


Today I write for Amelia.

Amelia and I were able to meet during our time at Southeastern. We were both in hot pursuit of degrees that would allow us to grow in the Lord and share our love for Him with others. Our mutual friend, Jonathan, connected us one Wednesday evening. And now, I know it was a meeting coordinated by the Lord.

Amelia and were not able to hang out in person as much due to the fact that she moved home, so we became quick long distance friends. Our friendship grew by leaps and bounds as we made weekly appointments to talk over the phone. Much of our conversations include and continue to include prayer requests and what the Lord is teaching us -- this is the stuff Christian friendships are founded upon. This is the good stuff the apostle John meant when he said his joy was made complete.

My sweet friend has been experiencing quite a few health problems over the past couple of years. It was truly a blessing of the Lord she was able to be apart of our wedding. For that I am thankful. I'm writing this post to ask for your prayers for this sweet friend of mine. In the near future she will need to make some decisions about the next steps for her health. Please pray the Lord would give Amelia, her family and the doctors much wisdom as they determine the options available for her.

I'm always encouraged by the story of Moses, Aaron and Hur on top of the mountain while Joshua was fighting the Amalekites below. As long as Moses's arms were raised, Joshua was victorious. But Moses's arms got tired. He needed help for the victory. Aaron and Hur came alongside and held Moses's arms up in the air when he was tired, so the Israelites could win the battle. We are Aaron and Hur for Amelia. We are going before the Lord and holding up her arms when Amelia can't do it for herself. We are her friends fighting for her. Join me in praying for Amelia.

Amelia's friend, Becky, wrote a blog encouraging prayers for our friend. You can read her blog here. Please feel free to share with others either blog.

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