Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life of September/October

Happy Thursday fine folks! While I'm sitting here hanging out with my friends of the Today Show and wading through all this post election talk, I decided to make use of my time and post all the happenings from September and October. 

At the end of September, the mama, the daddy and the aunt all came up for a visit! We decided to take a day in the city and my dad's one request for the entire trip was John's Pizza. Who knew this man of the south would come to be one who has his own personal requests in New York City?!? John's Pizza did not disappoint.. nor does it ever. 

Top of the Rock has become my new favorite! Take me right on up. I love the views here BECAUSE I want to SEE the Empire State Building rather than being on top of it. 

My family decided to take the tour of West Point, and we were able to come back and see the cadets practicing for a parade. #justanotherdayatWestPoint

Jeremy and I celebrated our first year of wedded bliss in BOSTON! We walked the Freedom Trail, ate all the pastries, toured Fenway.. and my favorite.. visited Plymouth Rock. It seems rain will forever be the theme of our wedding weekend festivities! #cantstopus

Oh y'all! I trucked my way through David McCullough's John Adams and we just so happened to be near his house.  Can you sense the excitement?

Envisioning all the pilgrims..

The following weekend we celebrated Jeremy's 10 Year Reunion! He was an '06er and quite the baseball player. #Ialwayswantedtomarryabaseballplayer
We were able to see his friends Jeremy and Nicki and spend most of the weekend with them. 

I visited the city one more time before jet-setting to the South to do that aunt thing. Speaking of aunt life, Amanda and I snapped a picture in the Zaxbys parking lot advertising her pregnancy. #classy
But I was so glad she was able to meet up for dinner as soon as I made it to the land of sweet tea and fried chicken aka Zaxbys and Chickfila and KFC and Bojangles. #Imuststopthere

Finally was able to see Devon's new studio and have breakfast with Anna!

My favorite kitten and little duck. Y'all. She wasn't feeling it. But he was a happy little clam.

This past Friday I was able to listen in on Jeremy's theology group with some cadets. So encouraged to see them desiring to grow in the Lord. BUT I had to take a picture of him in his uniform.. because I love a man in uniform! #mcevrrrrday

Army/Air Force game was this past Saturday, and I had big plans to help serve pretzels and drinks at the BCM concession stand. When I found out Erika was going to be at the game, I just had to meet her! I've been following her blog for quite some time. We were able to chat, and she was so encouraging and sweet as could be! #wearegirlsnotmadeforthecold

And finally.. THIS. This is what most of my drive around the area looks like. I'm the girl taking pictures of all kinds of leaves because I CANNOT get over how rich and beautiful they are. Our God woos us like nothing else, doesn't He?

Whew! Can you see just how busy we/I've been? Time please slow down until Thanksgiving!


  1. It looks like you've had a wonderful month! Those trees are absolutely stunning!!!

    1. TOO BUSY! Thankfully we slowed down a bit this weekend. I hope y'all enjoyed Veteran's Day!