Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meanwhile back at the Ranch: Harry Show and Blog News

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm just over here twiddling my thumbs as I wait for the plumber to arrive. There are things to clean and clothes to be washed, but when folks are coming in the door to work on the WATER one has to stop. My stopping has landed me here in blog world, where I've failed to keep pace. I don't keep pace in most avenues of life specifically running, but here I am. The blog posts are piling up and I need to do some hacking away at all my ideas. Here we go!

Several weeks ago, I got an email from the fine folks at the Harry Connick Jr Show asking me to sign up for tickets to be a part of the audience. Knowing I love a good show and entertainment, I signed myself and 3 others up to receive tickets. The request was quickly met as Harry has a new show, and people just don't know about it right now. Off we went barreling down the Palisades Parkway with visions of front row seats and pictures with Harry dancing in our heads.

We wanted a nice little spot on TV, so we informed the audience helpers of our Army wife status. This particular day Harry was all about the nurses and educators of the world.

 Now as for my honest opinions and observations about the show: 
1) This show is struggling and I realize it's a baby. Harry has great personality but it's for concerts not daytime TV.

2) We might possibly be groupies for these shows, and let's be honest we kinda are. We were able to recognize crew that was once used at Meredith's show. Ummm... yeah. We've done this too much.

3) There were some oiled up lifeguards advertising a free trip to Mexico. Harry kept commenting on their looks, and I'm all like - "Did y'all find these guys in the Subway 3 hours ago?"

4) Harry tried to do a Facebook Live chat with his guests and Facebook users. Hello.. the reason no one is commenting is because your show is not live, Harry. 

5) I completely forgot Harry was the bad guy on Will & Grace. Once he reminded the audience of that guest role, I was stuck in 2003 and wasn't coming back.

6) I was glad we could take pictures in the studio. The show airs on October 7th. I can't be held responsible for any facial expressions that may reflect my attitude about the lifeguards, some Harry cheesiness, or audience craziness. 

Y'all. This is what we call crazy eyes.. Not for Jane but for me.

BLOG NEWS: I was an avid follower of A Blonde Ambition blog that regularly featured Confessional Friday. Leslie S. passed away last year due to a heart condition. I emailed her sister in law to ask if the blog world could keep up the tradition of Confessional Friday going to pay tribute to Leslie and keep the laughs going - Friday is in sight! She gladly approved the continuation of the Confessions and I'll start the link up THIS Friday. Look, I get it.. there may  not be anyone to link up. But I loved this link up and will continue on! In the words of Leslie, "Be Blessed Lovelies!"

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  1. I loved reading Leslie's blog and was so sad to hear about her passing! I'll have to write a Confessional Friday post to join in!