Wednesday, June 1, 2016

West Point Graduation 2016

After coming back from Disney, the next item for business was West Point graduation. I was less than thrilled having to be at West Point by 7:45 (if I'm going to be completely honest), but the excitement in the air completely changed my attitude. This was such an amazing ceremony to watch - I got a tad emotional, but that's not super surprising. The emotions flooded as I realized these cadets were no longer students but were immediately leaving West Point to go serve our country. I got emotional just thinking of the emotions flooding through the cadets' minds and their parents. 

Each year the speaker is a rotation between the President, Vice President and other officials. This year Joe Biden spoke at the graduation. I'd already reached my capacity when on the way up to the ceremony we were asked to turn and face the river as the motorcade approached. Seeing as how I'd never witnessed a motorcade before, I was working some serious side eye to take it all in - 10 SUVS and limos with tinted windows rode by. My assumption was: we needed to face the river to avoid any suspicious activity, whilst our VP rode by in one of 10 darkened vehicles. The side eye revealed our "concealed" VP plastered to the limo window looking out at all of us with our backs to him. Security measures - failed.

Graduation takes place in Michie stadium - Home to Army Football and Lacrosse. I'm sounding like tour guide Erin here.

When your husband is an instructor at West Point, you attend graduation. #proudArmywife

I could be completely wrong about this (it's been a while) but I think this is when all of the graduation Firsties stood to take their oath collectively.

This was the moment I waited for folks! I believe I took 10 "bursts" without even having to turn that function on. The cadets throw their hats in the air never to find them again - They are no longer cadets but are now considered 2nd Lieutenants! Children can run on to the field and grab a hat for good luck - it's quite the ordeal. I'm talking height requirements like it's your average carnival ride.

This photo. This probably best sums up the emotions I was referring to. This is a Haitian-born cadet who served in the Maryland National Guard before attending West Point. His face shows the realization of achieving great things in America where there was little opportunity in Haiti. (Photo cred: US Army, Staff Sgt. Vito Bryant) 

Following the graduation, Jeremy had the honor of commissioning the BCM President, Josh. Jeremy and Josh were the ones pushing the BCM through the first semester, and we are so thankful for Josh's leadership with this ministry. 

We ended our evening of graduation festivities by having several coworkers over to officially close out the school year with a Mexican buffet!


  1. Erin, I was thinking of you on Saturday! My husband & I spent the day at WP! Friday was our 32nd Anniversary so we thought what a great way to celebrate then to walk down memory lane where it all started! The weather was perfect!
    We stopped at the Catholic Chapel & found out there was a wedding at 3:00...same time as ours!
    We took a few quick pics and boogied out of there just as the guests were arriving.
    We had to stop at Thayer Hotel and walk around...I stayed there many times while dating my hubby for 2 years. Our last stop was the Visitor Center where we bought some wonderful items to take home!
    I really enjoy reading your blog...please continue with it!

    1. Oh how fun!! I'm sure you saw the crowds and commissionings going on everywhere too!! Glad y'all had a great time :) The Visitors Center is about to be torn down and rebuilt!! Caught it in time. Thank you for reading!!