Tuesday, February 16, 2016

All about that Love - Valentine's Day 2016

As a single girl, I'm fairly certain I had all of these grand expectations of Valentine's Day with a significant other. I'd only been in one relationship during this love holiday prior to dating Jeremy. Truth be told, it's everything I've always hoped it be. And at the same time, it's more than I ever could've imagined. A love between a husband and wife isn't something you celebrate just one day out of the year, but it's every day. I get to do this every day! 

My heart was so heavy for my single friends this Valentine's Day. I want them to know this love. I want them to experience life with a husband. But I also want them to know that God is perfect in His timing. We (and I) always want to rush love. There is truth to Solomon's words of not awakening love until it is time. Our God knows exactly the plans He has for us. So easy to say, yet so hard to trust. We can't see the future or even catch a glimpse. Most days, I am greatly thankful for that. We must live each day trusting that He knows what is for our good today. Tomorrow will worry about itself. And for that I am steadfastly praying for my single friends - to be satisfied in Him alone, to trust in His timing, to find rest In Him when we are restless. It hasn't been long since I was single, and I remember that time well. I grieve over the time I spent hoping and wishing and wanting because it was wasted time. Jeremy came into my life to be my husband when I resigned myself let go of my will and trust the Lord's provision as a single or married. What a lesson to learn after years of heartache! He redeems the time...

Our Valentine's Day was spent consuming embarrasing amounts of Dunkin Donuts; eating at our favorite little diner; watching The Choice; and, eating a nice little steak and pasta dinner on the actual celebration day! We did find time to complete our galley wall, yet one photo is missing. I sit and stare at this wall like it's from a museum or something! We also managed to create a ditty of a music video to "Die a Happy Man". Jeremy entertains some of my whims in exchange for a nice meal or two. For that, I am grateful - He embraces my silly and plays along when possible. Thank you, Jeremy, for making me your life and loving me well!

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