Sunday, December 6, 2015

Life Lately: Rachael Ray edition

Hello there! It's kinda chilly up here! And by chilly I mean I walked out of the door, saw the sunshine and assumed I didn't need a coat. Assumptions get you no where folks -except cold! Thankfully the fine fella that I married has allowed me to use his sports coat all day to keep me warm. The Advent series will resume tomorrow with Peace. Be sure to stop back in. But for now, it's the life lately and goings on in these parts!

Oh you know, just the typical Monday. The pork shoulder I bought at Walmart was leaking all over the place. It was 1:30. No lunch yet. Threw away pork shoulder. Needed to rush to store to buy another one for the crock pot. Needed food. Rain was awesome. Rushed to throw something away, and my head met the corner of the kitchen cabinet. I looked like Nelly for a few days - you know, the band-aid. This was proof to loved ones that the corner did indeed make an imprint. Conclusion of the day was to do all of my Christmas shopping online without any hassle. How I reached that conclusion I haven't a clue.

Tuesday faired better with a trip to Michaels and all intentions of decking the halls. I decked the cart and left with some DIY projects to take care of. With the help of a few Teen Mom episodes, I cranked out my DIY in a mere 2 hours. Mere meaning I seriously thought it would take less time and ended the project with "Where has all my time gone?"

As mentioned in a previous post, this book has been great. I even convinced Amanda to get out in the streets right that minute and buy herself a copy.

Wednesday topped the week with a trip into the city. I love NYC. Love it. I could walk the streets and just look at people and be completely entertained. Being only an hour a way, me and some new friends hopped on the train to go be a part of the Rachael Ray audience. And now I'm going to do my best Eminem - "May I have your attention please!" We will be on tomorrow's show - FRONT ROW. Who knows what I will be doing? My resting faces are interesting, but I tried my best to keep a smile going at all times. Yes, I may have looked high as a kite; better to look high than angry. 

Rachael Ray take-aways:
1) Rachael was having a bad day, I think.
2) Lorraine Paschal from Holiday Baking Championship was a guest. I was so excited to see her.
3) 3 Books up and 3 books down. We didn't walk away with anything
4) This little dog ran around on set that had to be her little dog. 
5) I had so much fun and am ready to do it again.

We rode into Grand Central. My first time. It's been by planes, other trains and automobiles before. 
Grand Central is beautiful!

Tourist to the core. I love Times Square.

And finally with the lighting of Rockefeller, we decided to light our own:

Makes you want to burst into "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree."

See you back here tomorrow! Advent: Peace.

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  1. I wish I could hug you now! I miss you strolling by my area getting your water during the day and hearing about you and Jeremy. Take care my friend and enjoy your First Christmas with your fine fella. Also, take a sleigh ride in the snow for me and post pictures. Love ya!