Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Lookin' A Lot Like Christmas

Casa de Stache has been decorated for Christmas since December 4th. I'm a strong believer in the "After Thanksgiving Put up the Decor" but we were out of town. So.. in New York fashion, we lit our tree the night the Rockfeller tree was lit!

There were big dreams of this perfectly decorated tree from top to bottom but reality hit strong while shopping the aisles of Target - One (me) did not want to put forth a ton of money toward Christmas tree ornaments we didn't really want. Jeremy and I decided we wanted to have memorable ornaments. I added a few from previous years, and we called it a night!

We added a few special ornaments to the tree this year - a first year of marriage, Santa boots, and a West Point ornament! The Santa boots and marriage ornament were a gift from my parents. My grandmama had a larger pair of Santa boots by her tree when I was younger. My mom knew my memory and sent the ornament.

Giving homemade decorations a shot!

Honestly, I'm all about the simple. I love reds and greens for Christmas. And the plaid, berries, and grapevine felt like a decent Christmas throwback!

Yes, friends, that would be mistletoe! Jeremy's mom has some hanging in their house, so why not? When I'm thinking about it, I'll run and greet Jeremy from work and give him a smooch under the mistletoe.

Christmas Cards!! My Mema has always taped her cards to a door. Here we have a tradition continuing on.. Notice any familiar faces?

Merry Christmas from Casa de Stache!


  1. Where did you find your mistletoe? I've been looking all over for some!

    1. Bailey!! Target had some but they call it a kissing ball :)

  2. Merry Christmas! We have a kissing fun to gross the kids out! :)