Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rain Showers, Showers and Ending that Bachelorette

Happy Wednesday fine folks! It has been a rainy one here!! I found myself indulging in some Wendy's (which has become the new CFA) and working out during Dr. Phil.  Call me a multi-tasker if you will.

During my time at home before the wedding, I had several parties and showers. That's right - Rewind. Hit it.

My mama's circle group hosted the cutest shower one Sunday after church. There were mason jars, flowers, cupcakes and pimento cheese. One cannot go wrong with that. I've known the women in this group for a long time! All of the church ladies attended and gave us some of the nicest gifts! 

The circle group and some shower attendees.

 My Acteens leader helped open the gifts. Mom wrote 'em down.
The aunts watched and talked. My mom's friends even came!!

Some of the sweet gifts. We are still finding places to store them all.

My Mema's Sunday School class held a drop-in on a Saturday afternoon. Cakes! Cakes! Cakes!
I was loving it!

Mama and I - I'm thinkin' that looking-alike thing is getting stronger! And yes, the hostesses
gave me a necklace made of Mardi-Gra beads and measuring spoons instead of a corsage - FUN.

 These ladies have been in my life since I was born. That's how special this was for me. 

And ending my time as a Bachelorette wouldn't be complete without festivities with the high school girls. I've known these girls too long! We all have our own thing going on, but we pick right back up where we leave off. - Mexican, FRIENDS T-shirts, painting, and Lingerie.  It was a perfect night!

Brittany and I practiced our model poses. One of us was a success. One of us was not.

I am tremendously thankful for all of the women in my life who have been so supportive of me and Jeremy during this special time in our lives. I am humbled at how the Lord uses His people to show us such sweet love and His love. We are undeserving but grateful!

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