Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Learning a Thing or Two: Dog Walk

Saturday afternoon I made my way over to my favorite corner in the world on North Main Street. I had a date night with a red head that I love. She's my home away from home. And in true Mrs. Bush fashion, she asked me to walk Cinnamon while she finished getting ready.

I didn't hate it. I actually missed those little walks down Main Street where I could pause to look at the houses and trees and landscapes all the while having the excuse of walking a dog. This sweet little dog is a bit feisty at times (though thankfully has calmed down quite a bit.) But a dog will be a dog and when another dog appears, barking begins. Except, this dog was clearly across the two-lane rode and on the other sidewalk. I found myself saying, "Cinnamon! Focus on your own walk!" Believe me, there was a pulling of the leash also!

Focus on your own walk. Yeah. How many times do I look at someone else's walk with the Lord and fail to enjoy my own - just like Cinnamon was too focused on the other dog for that moment. It hit me right then and there (probably mid-leash pull) that the Lord was quite possibly pulling me! He's been wanting me to see all along that I have a beautiful walk as well because I'm walking with Him and toward Him all at the same time. It doesn't matter what some else may look like. What matters is that I'm walking.. step by step.

The rest of our walk was lovely. I looked at some houses and some landscapes and dreamed about the day of ever possibly living on this street myself.

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