Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My love is writing. It's my creative outlet. If you haven't noticed, my writing has been less frequent over the past few months. I think the enemy wins a small victory of sorts when we willingly stifle our creativity. Our creativity is a gift of the Creator. We should continue to do the thing we love.. the thing we do that expresses our creativity the most because in this we are worshiping.

God is so big.
I don't know how big; however, I do know that He is much bigger than my little complicated brain can comprehend. I try to think and think and think some more and figure it all out sans God. I have confined Him to a small box that is no bigger than what I can comprehend. Example. A couple of weeks ago, April 4th to be exact, I got engaged to the one who makes my heart skip a beat. During the past few months, there has been some struggle for me. Let's just say my faith was working itself out. A week or so ago I was thinking about Psalm 84:11 and how in the world God would give me Jeremy in such a time as this!? It went something like, "Seriously God? I don't have this together at all. Why now?" If you know Psalm 84:11, it reads, "... No good thing does He withhold from him whose walk is blameless." I sat there thinking (crying is high possibility) about that verse and how I didn't have it together. For years, I did all the right things and volunteered at church and loved reading the Bible. And now, it has been something else. God was clear in that very moment of reminding me that His timing of all things comes when we need Him the most. This beautiful gift of engagement and marriage are not based on anything I've done to earn it; and because of God's timing, it can only be attributed to the Lord. I have no stake in this. See how big our God is.. His thoughts are not our thoughts. And I'm grateful for that one.

We might spend a lot of time praying, but do we rarely recognize the smallest ways in which God has answered those prayers? Mornings have been a struggle for me lately. As in, I want to sleep rather than wake up for anything else. The last few days have been a different story. I have prayed for a while lately to be refreshed by the Lord and His Word. - "Who is man that you are mindful of him?" He is mindful and answers in His ways. Each morning this week I've had just the simplest, sweetest time of reading my Bible, drinking my iced coffee, journaling and watching the sunrise. I took this picture to commemorate grace.

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