Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Most Embarrassing Moments.

Since the sun's out and bright and magnificent, I thought I'd blog 2 days in a row! Shocker. Because, yes.. it's been a while since I've done a double shot at blogging. And what be the reason you ask? Oh, I just want to tell some embarrassing moments, so here we go folks! You have my full permission to laugh out loud or LOL.

Exhibit A - I was in my sophomore level Education class. This is the first round of classes where everyone "thinks" they are going to be a teacher, but then they eventually drop out kind of class. Hence, most of the soccer players for FMU were in this class. They hadn't fully realized what they were signing up for. Soccer player #2 forgot his book on this particular day, and Erin had her book. The professor asked for me to share, and believe me, I was a-okay with that. It's a known fact that in 2003 Soccer player #2 was a hot item on the campus. So, share I did because I had certainly mastered that skill in kindergarten. Except there was one little problem. It was allergy season. We all know what comes with that. The nose drips like the leaky faucet it is, and you just have to be on the alert at all times with tissue in hand. Problem: I thought I was over this. Not so much. As the professor is talking and we are sharing (because sharing is caring) and Soccer player #2 is looking all "soccery playerish", the drip appears. And the drip drops its way all the way down to the page that we are looking at. It then makes a noticeable water mark. And Erin simply covers it up with her hand uncertain as to whether or not Soccer player #2 has noticed.

Exhibit B - (Which I've certainly shared this on the blog before) But there was a so called date to play in some snow. The snow was ice at this point because that is what snow does in the South. It doesn't know how to be light and fluffy. I had the bright idea to where my 10 some odd year old tennis shoes for this snow play date. What do we know about 10 some odd year tennis shoes? We know they usually don't have the grip of a 1 month old pair. There's a hill. There's snow. There's the tennis shoes. I cleverly try to hit the patches of grass, so as to catch some sort of grip, if any. You know what happens next, away I go. Sliding right on down that hill on my bottom with nothing stopping me and ending with a wet behind. All the while date comes traipsing down the hill laughing.

Exhibit C - This is my favorite. It's only embarrassing because I actually tell it. No one knew it happened except for me (with good reason! - read on!) So I returned to work after a weekend at the beach where the temps were high and the sunscreen failed to do its job. We all know what that is like. I go to the bathroom and as I'm squating over the toilet, my skin is just straight up burning from the burn. My creative self tries to blow on it as a fan. Hmmm.. Take my advice, don't do this while you are #1ing it. After pulling my pants back up, I noticed I had peed myself ... yep.. all. down. the. pants. So what is a girl to do.. does she go to her supervisor and say, "I need to go change pants because I peed on myself." No, she shamelessly tries to dry it up to the best of her ability and then is very thankful she's wearing linen pants as those will not take long to dry on their own.

And that, my friends, are the embarrassing moments!.