Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: The Holiday of Hearts Edition

Happy Monday! There are a many o' things I am thankful for this Monday morning.. an earlier flight last night so girl could get her sleep, Valentine Target gummies, the great potential for a Snow Day, and this Valentine's weekend!

This would be the first real Valentine's weekend I've ever had. I'm 30 and that is a true story. But the BIG thing I realized this weekend is all of that is in God's timing, and His timing is better. 

Jeremy took me to this awesome restaurant on Friday night for our official date. I had the best chicken that I could have about just cried! That means it was good y'all! Read: I love food.

Our official Valentine's day was fairly low-key. IHOP was jam-packed, so we headed to Denny's. I was a first-timer. And the pecan pancakes proved delightful. Our only plan for Saturday was searching for Jeremy's present to me (Part 2). We searched high and low, here and there for a coat! Can you tell how excited I am to a) be in a colorful coat and b) be warm in the midst of that mess?

We ate our Valentine's night meal at my favorite little diner in New York. Alexis. There were cheeseburger and fries and cannoli cake and refreshing the ESPN app to check in on Duke. Perfect kind of night.

Y'all I'm going to be one of those moms, simply because I'm already one of those aunts. I can't get enough of her and find myself staring at her pictures often. This was Valentine's Day.

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