Friday, February 6, 2015

A Follow Up

A follow up if you will.

Just a few reasons Jimmy Fallon is pure genius:

- the White Water Rafting trip sign
- the No Hope with Dope sign
- the Save the Max sign
- Zack's typical morning of waking up when the alarm gave out a warning.
- Mom jeans
- Slater's Ballet routine
- "It's like Jessie becoming a stripper."
- "Exactly how excited are you? I'm soooooo excited! I'm soooo excited!"
- Kelly's pregnancy with a Vegas wedding and a move to the 90210
- KKTY Bayssiiiddddeee
- And close it with "Friends Forever."

Pure genius!

Side story: When Jordy and I were little, we wanted a "Zack" phone SO bad. My mama took us to Toys R Us to find just that. She actually asked the sales person if there were any Zack phones in the store. The salesperson said "We don't have Zack phones, but we do have Lisa phones." Read this: Lisa didn't have a phone at this point in the game, and that person was playing right stinkin' along. However, we had no clue and thought we were the junk because we had a "Lisa" phone! Easily amused.

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  1. OMG the sales guy playing into that just cracks me up! A "lisa" phone! Dying! I totally agree--this skit was purely wonderful!!!