Monday, January 12, 2015

With A Grain of Salt

It's raining, it's pouring and I tossed my cell phone to the passenger side just to make sure that IF a wreck happened my cell phone would be no where near me for the blame. Looking ahead with a plan.

Last night was the Golden Globes. I'm an award show nerd. Do I really care about the awards? Not really. The dresses?? Does a bear poop in the woods? You bet you he does. Way back in the 4th grade, my friend Keisha and I would "draw" clothes. We were your regular Donna Martin in the making. I believe we seriously filled up a few notebooks drawing outfit after outfit. Then we'd return to school the next day and show each other what we came up with the night before. I'd say we excelled in school (because both of us were the first to memorize all of our times tables for a trip to Hardees), so there was plenty of time for drawing and recapping. But that is neither here nor there, and the whole point was to discuss the Golden Globes. So, being the elementary fashion designer that I was (which habit continued even to randomnly now), I was in it for the win to look at the dresses last night. Make my comments. See a few winners, and move on. Here's what I came up with as some of my favorite dresses. Take it with a grain of salt, but still:



Pretty much everything can speak for itself. But I really loved Eddie Redmayne's wife. Her dress was simple. She wasn't trying to make the night about her, but the color was beautiful on her. Listen at me.. like a said. Grain of salt.

In other news, while Leah and I were watching Matthew McConaughey came on the screen and looking a straight mess. Beard scraggly. Eyes deep an dark. I made the comment, "I think he's preparing for a role of some sort. Maybe like civil war." Not 3 seconds later, Savannah asked him what was up next to which Mr. replies, "Civil War movie." Ya'll I felt like a million bucks!  Boom! This may be the only part of the Civil War that I will ever master. 
 And that is the Golden Globes. My inner 4th grader was still screaming and drawing and envisioning beautiful dresses that might one day be drawn again.


  1. I'm a total award show nerd too! Love watching from the pre-show all the way to the after party shows. Reese looked fantastic last night!

  2. i love the GG even more than the Oscars... did you know that McConhey's wife is only 32?!? ahhhh...